Count down to Derby!

 Did you know there is a big horse race every year on the first weekend in May??? Super big! The Kentucky Derby is a big deal where we live…and so…I thought of a fun way to count down the days! This is the craft I did the other day with Andrea from the Courier….Here is what we did…
Andrea: a lovely young woman from the Courier Journal…we had a blast!
You will need a small slate chalkboard, 12 inches of ribbon,  Red paint, Brown paint, sponge brush, wood horse (Michaels) and a bunch of small bud fake roses…oh yes, and hot glue…
Paint the chalkboard red… and the horse brown…Hot glue a ribbon on the back to create a holder…
Hot glue flowers around the outside….glue the horse to the corner…with a Sharpie paint pen write “Days till Derby”  . Use regular white chalk to keep track!! It will be here before you know it!!!
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  1. Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating

    Hello, Tracie. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and figured out that you live in the Louisville area. I’m over in Floyds Knobs. Have you heard about the local blogger meetup on Saturday, April 13? Gail from My Repurposed Life is putting it together. Let me know if you want details!

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