Pretend Play…

This is one of those projects I wish I would have thought of about 7 years ago—-when MY kids could have used it. They would have LOVED this!

is it a puppet theater? is it a store front? is it an indoor lemonade stand??

who knows what they will think up—I love that about it!

A simple tension rod along with a few fabric scraps….makes for loads of fun! Here is how I did it…
My puppet curtain is 45 wide by 36 tall….you can make yours whatever size will fit on your tension rod. I figured the little girls I made mine for are going to use it in a bedroom doorway area. Cut up 3 scraps of fabric…45 wide by about 12 …

sew together the bottom piece to the middle piece (right sides together)…if you don’t want to sew…just cut the fabric with pinking shears and use a permanent fabric glue…(no need to do right sides together for the glue…)

sew the middle to the top…right sides together…

on the top piece–iron a hem flat and sew a straight stitch..this will hold the tension rod

thread the rod through….

I made a little added detail with black felt…I cut  scallops…

then I attached velcro with permanent adhesive…
let dry…if the glue gives you trouble with the felt—use a hot glue to attach the velcro…

Ready for some pretend play!!!
Tracie Stoll is a wife, mom and has a passion for creating new things. On her blog she is constantly sharing ways to inspire her readers to be clever in their own home. Since 2010 Tracie has been sharing DIY projects, crafting, remodeling and decorating along with some easy tasty recipes…all on a mindful budget. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton where she studied visual art and communications. Tracie has been featured on popular sites such as Country Living, CNN living, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Seventeen and Design Sponge. She is also a member of the True Value Blog Squad & Martha’s Circle of trusted bloggers.
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14 thoughts on “Pretend Play…

  1. Lori@KitchenFunk

    Tracie – this is too cute! I always used a store-bought curtain for my children's puppet stages. I just wrote a post the other day on making the puppets out of stuffed animals, perfect for your curtain-stage! ~Lori

  2. Haunani

    I always think that when I come across a great idea, but my kids are past the age to enjoy it. But then I think what an awesome GRANDMA I'm going to be!! Your ideas are always AWESOME. :)

  3. Emily {WhipperBerry}

    What a great idea! I can just imagine how a child's mind at play could make use of a gem like that. Thanks for joining our party!

  4. M* {Daydream Believers}

    What a GREAT idea! My girls will LOVE this! I will be making one of these, for sure! Thanks for sharing! :) M*

  5. Erin

    This is absolutely adorable!! I can imagine how much fun my daughter would have had when she was younger. But I'm like you…so many great ideas on blogs that my daughter's now too old to use. :(

  6. Tasha

    So cute!! What a great idea…as usual!!! Thanks so much for linking up to DotDotDot, it made my day!!!

  7. freckled laundry

    I love this Tracie! Very clever. I need a tension rod STAT.

    Thanks for sharing with air your Laundry Friday! The party is back on tonight.


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