Oh Joy!!! New treads!!

 Recently I told you about Putter…the 9 year old Golden….that we love dearly….but he hated our shiny new stairs…see the post here
He has stumbled a few times coming down the stairs…so we ordered some fabulous treads…
I know! Aren’t they awesome!

They are from Natural Area Rugs . …

I am placing some carpet tape on both sides to hold it in place….

I love how you can see and appreciate the wood stair (that I poured my heart into…!!)

Now that Putter doesn’t have to worry about coming up and down the stairs now he can get onto more important things…like well, sleeping I guess…..and then eating…and then sleeping some more. Must be nice to be a Golden Retriever.
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Be Inspired to be Clever ;)
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  1. Michelle @ Dream Home DIY says:

    These really are so pretty! We have wood stairs that our pup actually LOVES to sprint up and down. Our problem (and thus the need for treads) is all of his darn nail scratches. These are the first ones Ive seen though that dont scream 1980s parlor. LOVE

  2. Lori@KitchenFunk says:

    Love these, and love the fact that you are so sensitive to your pup's needs. We have 2 dogs, one is a 9 year old lab who has arthritis and can't always get around. The treads look terrific and still show off your awesome work! ~Lori

  3. Dixie Mom says:

    Those are pretty. I'm glad that they are working out well…you are so nice to your doggie!!

  4. Katie @ OhhBaby says:

    Those look fabulous! And I just want to squeeze your pup! What a cutie! You are such a nice mom.

  5. Restoration House says:

    These are great! What an awesome idea and so sweet of you to do for your fur baby!

  6. Chris Bernhard says:

    Super P!! He really does look grateful and I'm sure he gave you one of his smiles when you were done. It looks lovely and fits so nicely with your theme.

  7. Those are really pretty!! And you can still see your hard work underneath, perfect :-)

  8. poindextr says:

    What would we do without our furry companions? Seems like a good solution for the stairs! I had a large golden who lived to be 14 (!) but the last several years were challenging. I had to help him stand up because of the slippery floors. He just liked to lie on a cool floor during the hot hot summer. Napping was his hobby, sort of like Putter's.

  9. Three Sisterz says:

    those are just gorgeous! our dog could surely use those. in his old age, he is slipping and following down the stairs! your steps looked great before… i didn't think they could get any prettier!

  10. Erika . . . with a K says:

    I love your stairs, they really look amazing! The treads look really great on them too! Our golden has trouble on some of our stairs too but he is only 3 and doesn't seem to mind. I would love to get some treads like these for everyones safety.

  11. Ess & Jae V2.0 says:

    OMG I love these!!! I have been shopping for a runner, but these are perfect.

    I have a golden too – they are the best. Your pooch is gorgeous.