Frame turned into tray!

My friend Patti has found some of the best ideas—here is another she was telling me about and of course I just had to try! She was at a party recently and a friend of hers (Jennifer :)  had made a tray out of a picture frame. She had sprayed it black and used it to display some candles (I think that is what Patti told me??!?!) So I thought—lets try that!
Take a frame…I had found this one at the Goodwill. Didn’t even have to paint it!!!
It was $3….nice 80’s print inside huh….
Take the picture out of the frame….
Measure and cut the fabric to the size of the picture….
 Put the frame back together.

I posted a video-tutorial on youtube….
Frame – Redo Video
I bought a vinyl monogram like this one…in the center of the frame…

I found my vinyl stickers at this etsy shop….Inital You and I put the monogram on the center.(Sorry , can’t find this picture!)

Love this idea!!! Thanks Patti for giving me the idea!!!
Sharing today…Between you and Me, Creation Corner
Be Inspired to be Clever ;)
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13 thoughts on “Frame turned into tray!

  1. Stitch a Wish Designs

    Great idea! I have gazillions of frames in the attic and always love finding new ideas to use them. I wonder how I could make this tray with legs, you know for like breakfast in bed? Each birthday our kids are allowed breakfast in bed and each time I think…geez, I wish I had one of those trays! Thanks for posting, love it!

  2. Green Door Girl

    cute tray – I did something similar – but with an old ugly tray – I painted it and put the vinyl in the middle – it is on my gallery wall now! :)

  3. Creative Escapes

    I love it! I am having a few parties and was looking for tray idea's. I have some left over handles – I wonder I could take your idea – and put handles on the side.

    So cute – thanks for sharing!

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