Scavenger Hunt for Kids


We started this tradition back in 2008. We have a lake Christmas the first weekend of Christmas break. Our tradition is simple lots of yummy appetizers, watch some Christmas movies, play some games...and have a scavenger hunt. I thought I would share the scavenger hunt with you...because it may be something you would like to do with … [Read more...]



"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."   ~Henry Miller  F/7.1  ISO 3200 Shutter is at 1/8 Seriously, this is how I took it. (this is a different picture...but same set up)   See what you can put on your knee and shoot pictures … [Read more...]

Rice Krispie Wreaths

Rice Krispie Wreath

I normally shy away from the recipes that call for shaping rice krispie treats. It is most times a guaranteed matter how much butter you load on your hands. This recipe is holiday inspired and not nearly as messy as you may think. I made these for my friends annual cookie exchange. Doubling the recipe on the box yields 48 wreaths. No … [Read more...]

A winter front porch….

winter porch

Some great winterscapes...brought to you by  BalsamhillHow to Decorate Your Front Porch to Make a Statement this WinterCreating an inviting front porch during winter can be quite a challenge. We all know how difficult it can be to differentiate our Holiday décor from a winter theme after the Christmas season is over. As a result, we frequently … [Read more...]

Tree Talk

Tree Talk

This "sweet" front of our Christmas tree..... "Emily, you said that there wasn't any ice cream left, but you have half a bowl full...., and you barely left any for me..." "Conner, there wasn't enough for two bowls, so I just told you that it was gone. It was gone after I already took my scoops. Get it." "Emily, do you … [Read more...]

Santa’s Hat brownie dessert


I am sure if you are on pinterest....or follow may have seen this. But I know many of my friends aren't on pinterest so I wanted to share this with you too. How flippin cute is this dessert?!?! I made this for the teachers Christmas lunch the other day and I thought they turned out sweet. Very easy....looks like it takes much longer than … [Read more...]

World Map…Pin where you have been

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Candlelit Tour Christmas Decorations

Grab a favorite muffin and warm coffee and enjoy a little tour of the decorations at night. I hope you enjoy :) Candles in the windows.... I miss all the lights in January when we have to take them all down. So festive and bright! Enjoy the season...:) Sharing at Thrifty Decor Chic Nester HOH Thanks … [Read more...]

Sponsored post: Smorgie review

Have you ever had great service somewhere....then forget where it was? Or ordered some amazing appetizer...only to forget the name of the place? Here is a great little tool to remember...and better yet share your great restaurant experiences with your friends. The idea behind this website (and app for your smart phone) is to hold that information … [Read more...]

Handpainted Snowman


I used to do a bunch of hand painted clothing when my daughter was younger. It was an easy way to make a special outfit for the holidays..and not spend a whole bunch. I recently made a jean set for a friends daughter and I thought I would document it in case you wanted to give it a go. Video taping and painting at the same time is kind of hard...I … [Read more...]