New use for $1 Plant stand….

So I found this plant stand awhile back and it was $1….believe I found it at a garage sale. I was thinking of using it as some sort of serving piece….like placing a big bowl of chips or pretzels in (yes, I enjoy both very much….and brownies…).something like that..

what to do…what to do…

Well, I do have this left over pinecone wreath in the basement….hey it fits on the top!

And I also have this silver vase that I am not using…hey look it fits in the center! (yes, I do talk out loud while figuring this all out..)

And if I just place a little white tissue in the center….it would be a perfect spot to hold some…

Favors for a little party or something….
And that is the story of how the plant stand can back to life….the end!
Remember–there is nothing wrong with being thrifty and frugal. I don’t mean to preach it so much…and it also doesn’t mean I don’t splurge on many things too—because I do. My Grammie was very smart with her money….she was thrifty —but she also knew the value of a fabulous pair of boots or a kitchenaid mixer—they can’t be beat! There are some things that money can buy that are soooo worth spending….and then there are things that really just need a bit of love to come back to life :) like my plant stand!
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One thought on “New use for $1 Plant stand….

  1. Pink Satin Sashes

    That is the most flimsy looking plant stand…How could it have ever held any dirt?

    It is so darn cute that I think whatever else you do with it will be 10 times better ….I love the wreath around the edges.

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