Old Glass Door Knobs—New to me!

There is a store local to me call Architectural Savage—it is basically a treasure chest. It takes up a city block. Huge—you could be in there hours and feel as if 10 minutes had past. I LOVE it! I always find something new and unexpected—and I love to think of the stories those old objects might tell. The last time I went I was looking for some distressed lumber for another project (show you soon!) but I came across an entire ROOM of amazingly gorgeous glass door knobs.

 I couldn’t stop picking them up! The man that was working told me to pick out 3 and he would sell them to me for $10! So this is what I came home with…

Had no clue what I was going to do with them…until a few projects popped to my brain…and this is what I came up with for one of them….very shabby chic huh!?!?!

Now—if by chance you don’t have an old antique architectural salvage place (which I am sure you do, most cities do—just google it–and you can find them online at http://www.etsy.com/  ) you could use a new knob….not nearly as cool though…just sayin.

Glass Knob picture holder…here is what you need


  1. Cut a piece of the (22 gauge) wire about 18 inches.
  2. With the needle nose pliers, make a swirl of the wire at the end that will sit into the end of the knob. You will have to work it a bit and place it in the knob. It is just holding a picture so it just needs to fit (not too snug)
  3. With the other end of the wire, shape it into a circular pattern working with you figures. Again, this is “shabby chic” look, not perfection =)
  4. Place the wire into the knob, place your picture into the spiral at the top so it holds the picture upright.
  5. Enjoy!

Could hold a picture or recipe card….and be a paper weight! !
Be inspired to be clever!

Participating today…..

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The Trendy Treehouse

I have 2 more knobs….stay turned to see what I make with them!

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16 thoughts on “Old Glass Door Knobs—New to me!

  1. Judy

    I love those knobs. I plan on making similar knobs a part of my daughter room re-do. Clever use of knobs.

  2. Shane

    Just found you via the Underwired page. Great post. Don't think I'm nuts… but there was once an episode of the Jeffersons where Weezie goes back to her childhood apartment building and similar doorknobs were there. The building was to be demolished so she kept them as a memory. I don't know why I even remember this…. but anyway… great post.

  3. Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures

    Love, love, love old doorknobs and unusual pictures holders. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. alison

    I just stumbled across your blog today and am loving this idea, so chic and cute, I might have to try it !

  5. Lovely Lacey

    Oh man I love love love old glass door knobs and have been looking for some FOREVER! but cant seem to find any :-( cute project!

  6. Alexis0124

    Thank you so much for posting step by step instructions. I get so mad when people post their recycled project ideas but don't share how they made it. This was a great project!

  7. RhettDidntGiveADamn

    The hubs just brought a bunch of these glass knobs home to me! What a fun idea… xo

  8. lilmouse

    Hi! I love this idea and thinking about it for my wedding, but the ones I've come across seem to have a rounded top to them, not flat. Do yours wiggle a bit or are they completely flat? I'm wondering if I should keep looking.

    I would appreciate your help! Thanks!

  9. cleverlyinspired

    Hey there! Mine are flat on the bottom. I bet the store I got them would ship you some:)

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