Emily’s Finger-Print paint shirts….

I have created a monster–all she wants to do is craft. What’s that saying—ya know about apples and not fallin to far from the tree….yes–well that is me and her for sure. She gets something in her head that she wants to try and she will move mountains until she sees it through. Great quality–I agree—except if it is mentioned 14 million times before 8:00am—and before I have had coffee—just sayin….love her ;)
So she had this in her head….

And so this is what she did…
We got out some fabric paints and a fine tip black fabric marker. The onesie she used was up in my embrodiery supply bin and had already been washed.

She used her sweet little thumb for the body of the piggy. She did three–three little piggies…are you with me?!?!

Then she left them to fully dry–not really because she is about as patient as me when it comes to wanting to see what it looks like all done!!
“Oh mom looooookkkkk….sooooo cuttteeeee!”

So couldn’t stop staring at it….sooooooo cuuuuuutttttteeeeeee MOM!!!

And then she was off to making her next…a flower—-love this! All with her thumb! She will be taking orders on her etsy page….yes, I have created a monster…but she sure is a cute one ;)
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3 thoughts on “Emily’s Finger-Print paint shirts….

  1. Lizzy

    Very cute! Reminds me of Ed Emberley's fingerpaint art! I think my daughter would love to try this too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ★All Thingz Related★

    AWE! Please tell her that she did a great job! Love those little piggies!

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